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MP3 Audio file transfer via ftp from Android Phone - Problems?


New Member
Hi I have managed to FTP between my HDR T2 and my android phone in both directions.
1. The Video files transferred successfuly to my phone - however they are in TS format so I am assuming it was successful.
2. However I then transferred an album of MP3 files to the Humax T2. Some of the MP3 files play whilst others just remain on '0:00' on the ausio time bar. Has anyone else had this problem?
For others trying this I used the free 'andFTP' android app, you must set the andvanced mode of the conncetion to 'Active' not 'Passive' otherwise it will not work. This was the only free app that seemed to work, I think due to the limited functionality of the ftp server implentation.
Thanks for any help.