mp4 download problem with WebIF


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I tried to download an mp4 file using the opt button in WebIF, file result from saving the buffer after using iPlayer. Instead of getting a download to a file, I get the browser window (FF 25.0.1 on Win7) filling with a load of garbage containing a few bits of recognisable text.

I feel I have downloaded such files this way before - but am I deluded?

I know I can get the file several other ways.
The web server must be indicating that the file is a text type, causing the browser to try and display it. That will be fixed by the new web server that's coming along shortly.
This could be at the browser end, couldn't it? Something wrong in the auto-play configuration sending .mp4 content to the wrong type of media player?
Could be - but mongoose uses text/plain as the default content type. I had to add .ts as a specific case so it would present it as application/octet-stream. I could change the default but the new lighttpd server is configured to default to the binary type so will resolve the problem.
I checked the FF what-to-do with mp4 files - it should have asked but didn't, so I didn't know what to do other than ask