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mplayer Media encoder/player ?

Discussion in 'HD/HDR-FOX T2 Customised Firmware' started by ian_t_baxter, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. ian_t_baxter

    ian_t_baxter New Member


    I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but I'm going to ask anyway.

    I've installed the mod version of the latest firmware onto my HDR-FOX T2 and its working great. I've been playing around installing packages via the webif and I'm wording if I install the mplayer how do I use it ? Will it allow me to play MKV files for example ?

    Thank in advance
  2. af123

    af123 Administrator Staff Member

    I don't think there's a way to use that one yet. I packaged it as a dependency for an iplayer download tool that I haven't finished yet (mainly because it requires perl and perl is proving incredibly difficult to cross compile).

    I've successfully played .mkv files natively on my humax but mkv is just a container format that can contain any number of different formats within.