Music player


I have my humax hooked up to an amp and I'd like to use it to play my collection of mp3's. Most often I like to have my entire collection on shuffle. So here's what I've tried:
  • copying my whole collection to the hard drive (it's around 12Gb so pretty substantial but not ridiculous). This worked fine, even over samba.
  • playing from the hard drive seems to only allow access through the file system folders (and I have my music arranged in folders by artist then album), therefore I can't have the whole lot on shuffle.
  • so I set it up to serve all the music over the network using Mediatomb (this took a little figuring out as I didn't find the web interface very intuitive but I got there in the end).
  • so I can now see it on the network, including from the humax itself, it has also indexed all the music sensibly by artist/album/etc
  • this should let me view all the songs at once so that I can shuffle them, but when I enter this option it takes a long time to read all the files (fair enough the first time, but I can't understand why it doesn't retain the info if I go out then back in) and it also doesn't manage to display all of them. I think it maybe only gets to a third of them?
I guess that this is due to some max limit on the number allowed in the humax software? Any suggested shortcuts around this? After it's finished loading it seems to play/shuffle fine.

Anybody else any experience with this?

(note: I'm actually using an HD rather than an HDR but I believe the music player is the same on both and this forum seems to see more traffic than the other one)
mmmm...... I have my Mp3 on my humax as well and works well but like you would love a proper shuffle mode. Maybe these clever Linux types can intergrate a new player into the Humax.
Hear hear - I played around with this a while back (very briefly but here anyway and all I could get to was to create a playlist using VLC (Hummy seems to like M3U format) which allowed the playlist to cross folders on both the Hummy and my NAS but I still couldn't do a proper shuffle mode across even one or other device let alone both.

I looked on the modded firmware package list and there is one on there called mplayer but I can't tell exactly how much it does - has anyone tried this?
Just read your link, must admit the mp3 think is quite new facility for me on my Hummy so never really read your post originally. Where is the playlist function ?
As a function playing Mp3's is up there with being able to play videos, my wife uses it all the time, sometimes through the amp but mainly through the TV !
I did use Wild Media Server to play random music from my pc but the 30 days were up (free to try ) and I don't think it was worth the $20 or so, for me anyway.
Shuffle would be a real bonus. I've got the modded firmware package installed so I'll have a look.
Where is the playlist function ?

Well that's the point really there isn't much of one!! All it does on the box is allow you to use the red button to tick things to play but it only works in the list you're in. Once you're playing it does allow a shuffle mode but as it's only within the list the problem first noted is that if you've got a lot of content it takes ages to list everything (which looks like it's not actually everything as per the OP), then you hit the coloured button for Select All, then once it's playing you can set a shuffle mode within the list (of everything). Be keen to see what the media player package does as it's listed as a 6mb package so it must have something!
I don't think the mplayer package does much yet? Certainly that's what af123 suggested previously:

I think in order for it to be of any use it would need to be able to access the audio ports or override the TV audio on the HDMI, although I'm not sure if this would even be possible?!
If it were then it would be ideal as then I could control it remotely from my mobile (possibly even through the web interface)!
A quick test confirms that mplayer is working when called over telnet but it has no audio device to output to.