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Muxing and Demuxing HD ts files

Discussion in 'HDR-FOX T2 Freeview Recorder' started by Frederick Carver, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. Is there a good ts file muxer and demuxer that works with the HDR FOX T2 HD ts files.

    Smartlabs tsMuxer will only extract the h264 video stream from HD files and it does not recognize the AAC audio stream. I need to be able to demux the AAC audio stream as well.

    I do not want to use projectX, so is there a good FREE alternative to tsMuxer, I have tried tsRemux and avidemux but they are not giving me the result I want.
  2. Watt Tyler

    Watt Tyler Member

    I have a similar poblem. I have recorded some radio programmes - so there's no meaningful video, but they're still recorded as .ts files. I want to extract the audio so that I can burn them to audio CDs, but haven't had any success in doing so.

    I've ftp'd the .ts files to my computer (both 'as is' and having first used Foxy with the .hmt file) and have tried to convert them using VLC Media Play, but it doesn't appear to find any content. Similarly, NCH's Switch Sound File Converter can't find any audio in the .ts file. Format Factory goed through the motions, and then displays a Failed notice.

    What should I be doing?
  3. Black Hole

    Black Hole May contain traces of nut

    Install the custom firmware. The web interface provides access to decryption and then extraction of an MP3 stream. It's not scary, really!

    However, what you have been doing wrong is not decrypting the file first. Foxying the .hmt does not decrypt the file, it only allows it to be decrypted and is only needed for a HiDef recording anyway. Decryption (in your case) requires copying the recording to a USB drive.

    My links below spell it all out.
  4. Watt Tyler

    Watt Tyler Member

    Silly me! I forgot the USB bit, having not done it for a while. By copying the files to a USB drive and then ftp-ing them to my computer, NCH Switch converts them to .MP3 with no problem.

    Yes, ok - it would be even easier with the custom firmware - but I have a solution for the time being.

    Thanks for the reminder!
  5. I found that by running the Humax HD ts files through VLC media Player and setting it up to keep the original h264 video and AAC audio streams using the convert feature, (so no re-encoding) it makes the resulting ts file compatible with tsMuxer and it only takes a minute or two.

    This is required because multiAVCHD uses an integrated tsMuxer to process the source ts files.
    I put the ts file through multiAVCHD to create the correct file and folder structure on to an SD card so that I can copy the Humax program I want to keep permanently onto my Panasonic blu-ray recorder with no loss of quality.

    This process works very well except the audio is always out of sync (about 1 - 2 seconds) after passing the ts file through multiAVCHD, the audio is perfectly synched if the source file is not from the Humax.

    Any ideas BH as I see you are a veteran at knowing things about the Humax.
  6. Black Hole

    Black Hole May contain traces of nut

    No sorry, this is well outside my sphere of knowledge.
  7. oijonesey

    oijonesey Hummy.tv SEO Guru

    I use Freemake for all my file manipulation - including getting audio out of them (before the custom firmware could do it. Although the only limitation was Freemake sometimes didn't line some HD recordings (I think size related but in terms of most audio stuff it wasn't in HD anyway).
  8. The Atomium

    The Atomium New Member

    Thanks, that actually works pretty well! I've tried some of the other options, without much success, but if you stick with making a TS file, with the "keep original" video and audio stream settings, then you do get a more compatible file out the other end.

    It works with tsMuxer, and mkvmerge - but even as is, it will now play in Windows Media Player (with sound), and on my Popcorn Hour hardware media player. There is some slight glitching on the right side of the screen on the PCH, but this is the best result I've had so far.

    I wasn't really satisfied with only being able to play HD .ts files with VLC - it's a great player, but I get the impression that it will play any old rubbish. A better solution is required for wider playback support.
  9. dandnsmith

    dandnsmith Forum Supporter

    For a small tool to extract the audio, I'd reiterate a suggestion I came across in a posting (here?) to use rec2mp3. It's Windows software, but does the limited job, as advertised.