my 5th Humax PVR

mr biscuit

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Bought a PVR4000T some time ago (used).

In most aspects I do like this PVR, nice to have the 3 tuners, & not see the recoding conflict message, and have to panic cancelling one & selecting another. (as per 2 tuner HDR2000t).
It does though have its quirks, which are frequently mentioned, such as multiple button presses to perform tasks, that fewer would achieve on previous boxes, & other functions that are not easily available
I can live with these.

Its the sluggish interface which bugs me the most.
5 secs or more for recordings list to appear.
Another 3secs or more, for a selected recording(s) to appear, before play button to press or info can be read.
2secs or more for guide to appear.

Is this normal or do I have an exceptionally slow box? (sometimes it's faster, but NEVER FAST)
Im guessing its underpowered in the hardware department, so this will never likely be fixed with an update?

Its such a shame that an almost perfect PVR (feature wise) is very frustrating to use sometimes.

I look forward to Humax PVR No 6.

Still think one of the best, was my 1st, a 9200T bought new in Nov 2005, very well supported with updates , last in 2010, 5yrs after release, & still going strong.
Yep, its normal and the more recordings you have the slower the recording list is to be displayed :thumbsdown:

Everytime there is an update I pray there will be speed improvements, but alas it never happens.
Does this box have a secret menu so you can do a full re-boot?

I have found that my pvr slows and is brought back to full speed by a re-boot.
Can you put the recordings in folders on the 4000T to reduce the size of the list?