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My Humax HDR-Fox T2 packed in


Just a comment that may help someone:

If you plug in a hard drive with a corrupt boot sector or the boot flag not set on a linux system it will often just hang.
Also a second USB drive with no system boot can cause linux to hang instead of booting (on some not all systems).
Another thing I've seen (not specifically humax) is if you use a HDMI switch box and switch away the display during the
boot - that can cause linux to just hang.



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An update; the new box has been running fine since all the shenanigans.

You may recall I mentioned a buggered PC. I used a PC and a drive caddy to move recordings around. I installed software to handle Ext2/3 drives in Windows.

h t t p s: // sourceforge.net/projects/ext2fsd

Left to do an overnight robocopy, the next morning the PC was stuck in a boot loop that no amount of PC wizardy (using very technical advice from Youtube and forums could fix). The system drive was safe the data was safe , and I could check the drive was physically performin perfectly. It just wouln't allow booting and no amount of bcdedit etc , safe mode, recovery sotware could rescue it. I even cloned the drive to a brand new one and that new one had the same issue.

I'm back up running now after reintalling windows and using a drive caddy to get back data and bits. I wanted to look at a drive that was a backup of the Humax and on my new Win10 installation I was going to reinstall the ext2fsd software. But I did think it might be implicated in my PC issues so I had a read of the software reviews and saw that other people had the same issues with working Windows intsallations being knackered. Caveat emptor and all that.

So my advice is not to use that sotware if ever wanting to handle Ext2 drives. Perhaps use the free Paragon software that is out there.

Is there somewhere on the forum that I could warn users more generally? Has anyone else run in to problems?
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I think the OP said earlier the box won't boot with the hard drive connected but will work OK if the hard drive is connected subsequently. Sounds like the power supply would be the first thing to check.
Yup, came home to Humax rebooting constantly. A brief summary is that through the forums I realized that would boot fine if HDD removed. Work fine after that. Tried new HDD, still same issues. Tried connecting HDD after the box had booted and that worked. Doing that allowed me to export and decrypt all my recordings to an external HDD for transplanting in a newly sourced 2nd hand Humax where I had changed the original 500GB pipeline to 1TB pipeline.

(other steps involved also - custom firmware, changing encryption key etc but above is the main story)