My hummy is dead


My hummy is dead.
If I take out the hard drive, pop it in an enclosure and mount it on my linux box, can I take the files off?
I had auto decrypt running so I think they will all be unencrypted readable files, and I think that the file format used is ext3, so not a problem.
Am I correct?
Yes that should work just fine. If its completely dead it might well be the PSU, which can be replaced or repaired relatively cheaply..
It comes and goes. Works in the morning and dies in the afternoon. I am not sure I have the time or need to repair it.

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I have virgin in my new house. I want the broadband and the tivo kind of comes with it. Catch up is very good now on my smart tvs.

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Ok, my box is utterly dead after a while of coming and going. Where do I get a new power supply from?
satbunny - be aware that the problem might not be in the PSU. You could have a fault in the front panel board or main board. If you can source replacements, both the PSU and front panel board are relatively cheap to replace. If it is a mainboard fault it is probably only fixable if it is something simple and obvious (e.g. replacement of a failed capacitor). Replacing the main board would likely cost more than the unit is worth.