mysql forum install on box ?


I'm wondering is it possible to install a phpbb forum onto the box or even some type of mysql interface to install one ?

Would be great to use it as a personal storage device at home and to share to your home pc's.
It would be possible but neither MySQL nor Apache/nginx and PHP are a good fit for a small embedded system like the Humax. That's why the Humax software and the custom firmware components use things like SQLite3, Mongoose and Jim.

You'd probably find it would be very slow and might begin to interfere with the box's day job.

Nobody has compiled those components for the platform either so you would have to do that part yourself.

What exactly are you trying to achieve? Using it as a networked storage device is already possible through the Custom firmware and Samba/NFS packages.
cheers m8 for reply

at the moment I have pc running XAMPP with a forum running, basically we just use the forum to store letters we can scan, passwords etc - it's just a lot easier to store and find stuff over multiple pc's

no matter if it wont work just a idea.