(Nearly) DOA


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Hi people, I just signed up to tell of my recent problem...
We decided to replace an 8+ year old unbranded freeview box with a Sony box. After a few days of dodgy power ups and failed recordings (plus AWFUL user interface) it got replaced with what I wanted in the first place, a Youview.
All seemed well the first evening - once I had reprogrammed the foxsat so the remotes didn't clash.
The next morning my son was complaining it wouldn't show TV, no channels tuned! After going back in and retuning, it worked for a few hours before refusing to show anything again. A second retune failed, even though the feed through worked fine on the TV. Back to the store I went, luckily they confirmed the problem and it wasn't my aerial. Unfortunately they didn't have any more, it being Christmas Eve and all that. So I immediately reserved the last one in Argos! Once that one was installed it immediately seemed much faster and has so far not lost it's mind!
The 'old' one refused to play ITV on demand and always went into low power standby. This one does the quick boot from standby and shows a clock on the front screen. I wonder in retrospect, whether I had a dodgy download during install...
Anyway, at least this time I've had a chance to fill out the 2 year warranty sheet :)
My only dissapointment is the lack of dedicated 'library' button, otherwise I love it!