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Need a hub - help


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I've just bought a HD Fox T2 for my girlfriend.

I'm wondering though before I splash out some more cash, whats the best USB hubs to use with this box? Didnt know this box only had 1 port :(
I want to connect an Edimax Wifi dongle & probably a Buffalo ministation HDD (USB powered).

Will I need a powered hub or will a USB powered one work?
Anyone running this kind of setup?


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Yeah I read that but i would like some clear advice on whether i'll need externally powered hub or if a bus powered one will do the job for this setup.

Black Hole

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Why muck about? Get one that has the option of external power and has been demonstrated to work in these threads.
Can confirm that the cheapo non-powered Trust hub mention in the thread linked above works fine. I've got 2 usb drives and a wifi dongle in mine