Need help installing Custom TV portal (HDR box)


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Hi everyone, first time poster here and very amateurish when it comes to this sort of thing. I have been trying without success to install the custom tv portal, primarily in order to watch sky go. I have managed to upgrade the firmware using a USB stick. Unfortunately despite following the step by step instructions both in text form as well as the informative video, I get stuck when trying to telnet my box, I am using Putty as recommended. Whenever I find out the i.p settings for my box and enter them in putty the program closes after about a second of being open. It obviously isnt able to establish a connection with the humax :(. Any advice is gratefully received!
It sounds like the custom firmware hasn't taken properly. When you turn on your box do you see 'Custom FW 2.11' on the front panel after 'START SYSTEM'?