Network files not showing?


I have set up my Ubuntu 14.04 HD 64bit lan as the network storage source. I have a number of MP4, avi, and webm type files in the network storage location but none of them can be seen from the T2. I have checked the access rights to the files and they are:

Anyone can view the content,
changing the content is only by the owner.
Execute: Nobody.

I have also changed the permisions to anyone on all 3 settings.

I am accessing the computer via DLNA server Rygel.

Does anyone have an idea why the subdirectories can be seen but none of their file content or any of the content of the main storage location?
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I have managed to install the Full network interface and the detectAds addon.
The design is very impressive. I did not expect it. Thank you all.

As my earlier posting above indicates I would like to send some mp4, and flv, files through the Humax to my TV. Using the Network interface can I include files on my computer's HD for playing on the humax, without having to go through the separate Rygel DLNA interface? The Rygel program allows the Humax to see the networked drive on my computer, except I can not see any files when looking via the T2. I have set something wrongly, but do not what and am hoping I do not need to know because I can use the full web interface to do the same thing. What is the position?
Can you please help me show the network files in HDR.
Following your advice to use network-shares-automount in my humax T2 list of available playable files (media-video) there is an entry for [modsettings] sub directories for nfs and smb.

How do I get nfs to show any files? At the moment it is blank. Should nfs be installed on my Ubuntu 14.04 computer? If so is it the nfs server that should be installed?

Currently the nfs folder in T2 shows the following instructions, which I have not been able to follow with any desired effect:

Create folder with mount name (Opt+ does not help)
Then edit the options in the folder.

You need to set up the parameters for accessing your shared network drives in the SMB or NFS subfolders - read the instructions in the thread I pointed you at.