Network issues


I would guess that my problem is with my router, but I still may get some help here.

Currently my HDR Fox-T2 is happily streaming a BBC program through the portal, so must be connected to the router and the outside world.

But (and this has happened on other occasions, and cleared up later) when I try to use the web interface, I get told that the server is not responding.

Also, when I use an IP scanner program, the Humax does not show up. My network connections are with Devolo DLan powerline plugs, and the Humax also does not show up on the Devolo program to manage the connections.

Things usually work, but not at the moment.

I would welcome any help.

(Later) Cured after reboot of router (and switching main Devolo plug off and on). But I would still like to know why the problem occurred, and if there is a less drastic way of solving it.
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Routers do some funny things, especially when the link in question is not "always on" - eg WiFi or HomePlug.

How is that particular link configured - DHCP at the Humax and nothing special at the router; DHCP at the Humax with pre-allocated IP address keyed to MAC at the router; manual IP address at the Humax with reserved IP from the DHCP pool at the router; or manual IP address at the Humax outside the router DHCP pool? The latter is preferred when using HomePlug.