Network Problems


OK, I'm stumped!

Currently unmodified HD, plugged into network socket, which is part of an upstairs LAN, connected to the downstairs LAN via two homeplugs.

Using DHCP, I have an apparently successful connection using the various settings I would expect. However, I have no TV Portal (it opens and 'locks' all buttons apart from exit) but doesn't display, and I have no access to my other house devices (including HDR). Its also a little temperamental getting a connection.
Switch to manual IP - assign IP as (outside the routers DHCP range) and again, perfect connection, (Network connected message when 'Apply') but 'no server has been found' in Media.
Rear socket lights flickering nicely.
Any thoughts? I will attempt to bypass the homeplugs tmw, but with an apparently successful manual connection, I can't see why this would matter...
Not sure how many problems you are highlighting here, Am I correct in saying that your HD-Fox T2 won't see your HDR-Fox T2 or TV portal when in DHCP mode but that it will see the TV portal in Manual mode? It looks like neither mode allows your HD to see your HDR media files, is that correct? If so it's worth checking that Content Sharing is turned on on the HDR i.e. Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Settings >> Content Share = On. If the TV portal doesn't work in either mode it is worth checking that the HD has the correct time of day set on it, It get the time from a connected TV aerial
sorry, not very clear was I... The HD won't see anything in either mode, ie no portal, HDR, NAS, PC. However it supposedly has a successful connnection according to on-screen message and green and yellow lights on the ethernet port.

I'll check the clock time and eliminate that... (or not..!)

BTW, content sharing is on for all relevent devices...
OK, fixed! Possibly my fault... It appears that power off through the remote isn't sufficient when changing the internet settings, so I resorted to the reset button under the flap, and it appears to have solved it. Admittedly, I'd forgotten that button was there - and I, probably foolishly, assumed that a soft power off cycle would be enough!

Now for the CFW...
No power cycle required to change the Internet settings, just the "Apply" button.

Regarding the HomePlugs, I find my Devolos do not always wake up in time for DHCP to set up the parameters from the router. In that situation, Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Setting >> Apply sorts it out post-power up. Once the parameters are supplied and configured, switch to Manual (no change to IP settings) results in it being OK from boot.
thanks BH - i was definitely having issues with the homeplugs (even though they SHOULD have been awake as my NAS runs through them and was busy), and even manual mode failed a few times. However, after finally getting the CFW installed, everything is running beautifully!