Network Shares Auto Mount


Hi all.
Just loaded iTunes media on to a NAS drive and network shared it. So far so good. I can see the mount and all the folders of the artists but non of the files (all the files except one are m4a (mp4 audio) the one odd file for testing is mp3).
If select media then blue for USB then the mount I can see the all the folders but none of the files be it m4a or mp3.
If I select the yellow media button and the select audio, from there drill down thru the folder structure I can see and play the one mp3 file.
My question is can the hummy play m4a audio as it is part of the mp4 system of am I expecting to much ( I hope not).
Look forward to you guidance.
Cheers Andy

Ezra Pound

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The Humax will only display certain file types in each area e.g. video type files in My Video and audio type files in My Music, so if you copied an mp3 file to My Video using a Telnet command line for example and the tried to view the contents on your TV using the remote control to view the PVR >> Media >> Video the MP3 file, it would not be displayed, The list is something like :-
Media - Video = TS, AVI, MKV
Media - Music = MP3 not M4A
Media - Photo = JPG