Network Shares Automount Not Working

Siked Out

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I use the custom firmware and shortly after installing the firmware I began using the Network Shares Automount (NSA) package successfully.

Unfortunately something changed and the package no longer appears to work.

I have just upgraded to CFW 2.19 installing the official firmware first and still NSA does not work correctly.

When I insert the USB the [modsettings] folder is created, but the required smb and nfs folders are not.

I have uninstalled - reinstalled every thing, formatted the usb etc but nothing seems to work.

Any suggestions

Many thanks

NSA 1.4-2
CFW 219 (build 1815)


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Are you talking about a HD or a HDR? The [modsettings] folder is created within the 'drive1' folder on a HD or in the 'My Video' folder on a HDR upon installation of the Network Shares Automount package through the package management section of webif. The shares folders (NFS and SMB) should be created automatically within. If they are not, I would try reinstalling the NSA package.

Siked Out

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Thanks for the replies, I have both a HD Fox and HDR and thats where the confusion has come in. I was trying to update the NSA settings on the USB on the HDR fox and thats the wrong place. Looked in the hdd video folder, updated the IP for the server and bingo, all working again.

Thanks again.