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Network Storage?


Apologies if this has been discussed already in some other thread.

If I go into media, and the press the blue/storage button, I get three choices now:
1) HDD 2) USB 3) Network
The last sounds like it is to try to connect to some external NAS or Media server, yes? If so, where can it be configured. If you select it, it attempts a connection, but to what URL/address I have no idea.

Can anybody put me in the picture?



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Network is used to connect to a DLNA server on your network. There isn't any configuration on the Humax end, it discovers devices on the local network automatically. There are a fair few DLNA servers available for various operating systems and some media NAS devices have one built in, often MediaTomb.


If it's connecting it's looking for another dnla device on your network ie laptop running windows 7. If it connects then it will show up as laptop or whatever your device is called. If you open this device it will show the folders where you have video's etc stored . If it doesn't connect you have no compatible device. If this is the case download XBMC onto your computer/laptop and try connecting again, it should find XBMC on your network. You will then be able to playback to/from your Humax .


My laptop is visible when I select the 'network option' from within storage on the hdr fox t2. When i select it, it eventually shows a list of folders on the laptop, presumably where any media is stored. When I select any of these folders, I am automatically sent one level up so that all I am back to the laptop again! Can anyone explain why this happens, Could it be that there are no media files of a compatible format in any of the folders for the hdr fox t2 to play?

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My notebook is visible when I have it turned on too, but I suspect it won't do anything useful. Try running XBMC and configure its server options.