Network streaming content to a media player

Hi all - I have what I hope is a generic question which I've been unable to find a definitive answer to on the forums so far.

I've got an HDR-Fox T2 downstairs connected to the home network and recording SD and HD content. After a long while attempting to get my two Sony TVs to play the recordings via DLNA on the Humax and/or MediaTomb, I've effectively given up! Instead, I'm now looking at a physical device which I can use to stream the SD & HD content (I understand I'll have to decode the HD recordings) and would appreciate people's thoughts on the below options:

1) An HD-Fox T2
2) PS3 (which I think will have the same decoding problems that the Sony Bravia TVs are having)
2) A network media-player such as the Sumvision Cyclone Live Media (

1) A PC (too expensive)
2) Replacing the TV(!)
3) Converting all of the recorded content to another format so it'll play on the Sony Bravia TVs (To cumbersome/impractical for everyday use)

To clarify - the end result I'm looking for is a way to play recordings from the HDR-Fox T2 (both SD & HD) on a second TV which is connected to the same network, with minimal fuss and cost :)

Thanks in advance to anyone who's able to chip in with thoughts or experience!
Go for the HD-Fox T2, It has been setup to work, NOTE :- only version 1.02.27 will allow streaming of files over 4G
HD-FOX T2 will stream direct from the HDR, StDef or HiDef, without any intervention needed. The only fly in the ointment (the 4GB bug) has been dealt with in the latest official firmware.

For streaming to other devices (using the native DLNA) you only need to unprotect HiDef recordings, not decrypt them first, and StDef will stream fine as is. The problem is to find a device able to handle the Humax .ts format, and that is uncertain at best (particularly HiDef) - in as much as the HD-FOX uses the same formats natively, it is the only player known to work without problems (not counting PC software).

Using custom firmware you can extend the function of the HD-FOX so it does not only stream from the HDR by DLNA but actually provides an extension interface to it with full transport control and file management, but in his case you do need to unprotect and decrypt everything first (which can be handled automatically by the custom firmware in the HDR).
Streaming via dlna from the humax to the xtreamer works for both sd and hd recordings.
although the transport control isn't very good.

I only have one unencrypted recording on my hdr which is sd so i watched a bit of that through the xtreamer as a network share and it played fine with full rwd and ffw capabilites.

looks like i should enable auto decrypt..


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That's a cracking good buy then. As far as I can remember it's the first non-PC kit (other than HD-FOX) confirmed as able to stream native HiDef out-of-the-box, even better that it can do file-share (decrypted) as well! Might have to get one of those!