New Box - Couple of Questions



My last Humax went "pop" a few days ago, so I've got myself a new Humax HDR-Fox T2. So far so good but I have a couple of questions;

Q1: Which button do you use to switch through the favourite channels list? Or do you have to use the menu? I was thinking you could add fave channels then use one of the coloured buttons to scroll through them without having to pull up the channel list then use right / left.

Q2: Is there a button or button combo to let you toggle between the current channel and the previous channel you were watching? Again I see a recent channel list but it seems a bit of a faf to navigate to it.


I can't help you with Q1: as I don't use favourites, but Q2: You can toggle current and previous channel using the "BACK" button. This only works if the "i plate" is showing, otherwise you need to press the "i" button, then the "BACK" button.
Not really sure I understand Q1 but here goes, You make a favourite list using the menu channel edit . You can select this favourite list using the list button and scroll to it using < > then select it ie favourite 1. Once selected you just use the channel change rocker button to scroll through your favourite channels .
I can't remember why, but as far as I can make out most people give up on Favourites as too poorly designed.
I use favourites but using the guide. Works well, I agree with the list button though.
You can use your blue button to set the channel list in the guide.