New drive, no filezilla access


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I've purchased a new 2tb usb3 drive (NTFS formatted). It is recognised by the Humax box OK (I have ntfs-3g loaded) and I can successfully clip board across files via Webif but I want to use filezilla as well. The old drive was fine, but the new one presents the following:
Status: Retrieving directory listing of "/media/usb-drive1"...
Command: CWD /media/usb-drive1
Response: 530 Requested action not taken.
Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing

I'm no expert on this so any (simple) ideas please?

EDIT- for some reason this the drive is now accessible

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If you are going to use FileZilla to copy from Hummy to Hummy mounted USB I assume you are aware that this is somewhat inefficient since each file has to be read across the network, by FileZilla, and then written back ACROSS the network.
It might be more sensible to plug the USB Drive into the PC when doing this.

NOTE: FileZilla will not decrypt the files when copying so, unless you have installed CF and set up decryption, the resulting files on the USB drive are not going to be playable.
Of course, if you copy all of the sidecar files as well, you could the copy them back onto the Hummy main drive and play them but ....