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Help please for a newbi to install (software) on a replacement Seagate 500gb pipeline.
Old HDD bust so unable to transfer any partitions.
Have formatted 3 partitions using ext3 as hmx_int_stor
Problem is that partitions are unmounted .
How do I mount them.

Running 1.02.32 fw + mod fw

Any help please. Thanks
What state does the HDD have to in as have tried every thing.
Does it have to formatted? My box says 'processing' have left in for hours.
you really need someone who has carried out this process (which I haven't) to comment on doing this manually. The drive must be formatted either by the Humax or by the user, manually before use. I would say that getting the Humax to do it is by far the easiest way for drives of 1TB or smaller, there some note and screen images HERE that may be useful for the Humax screens, the external formatting on a Ubantu platform is only required for drives over 1TB
I have fitted a New Seagate Pipeline HD 5900.2 model ST3500312CS in one of my boxes. The whole process, including formatting by the Humax, took approximately 30 minutes.