New humax version 1.02.28 - now no web if

I've just been unable to get to the web interface but not working. I've just checked, and the box has updated itself as in the subject. Is this likely to be the reason?

I was running quite an old custom firmware - but can't remember which.

What is best recovery mechanism - just install from scratch?
Hi Tony,

I have exactly the same problem. my HDR has updated itself to 1.02.28 and I cannot get tot he webif either. Is there custom firmware available for 1.02.28 because I could only find it for 1.02.27. If not is there an ETA ? I know this is done by hard working volunteers and appreciate all you guys do.
Hi Both, any OTA of official Humax firmware will over-write the Custom Firmware and stop it working, the Custom firmware files are still on your Hard disk drive but the 'links' to them have been removed, there is a Custom Firmware version that is compatible with 1.02.28 on the Wiki Site HERE make sure you download the correct file, for the HDR you need this one As you have installed the CF before you will familliar with the procedure, but just in case, the guide is HERE
Be aware that although re-applying the correct version of the CF will restore the majority of your custom packages selection, some of them might need to be reinstalled (depending which ones you use) because the standard firmware update overwrites the storage areas they used. CF2.11 for 1.02.28 was available only a day or two after 1.02.28 hit the ground. Be also aware of the pros and cons of 1.02.27/28!

Here are a few cross-references to check out:
Thanks Ezra and Black hole. I dont know why I missed the
Modified firmware version as it was there all the time. My box up and running again
Many thanks
Tony / Jonno - when you're up and running, install
disable-ota, this will stop the auto updates on the factory firmware in the future, so no nasty surprises.