New package idea - Auto-Rename


Would it be be possible to have a new package very similar to dedup in operation, which would strip away the date and time stamp from the recorded titles. I am thinking both manual and auto versions would be useful.

The current methodology is brilliant for series, but I am thinking about when archiving films to an external hard drive. If the title already exists the Humax allows me add a duplicate because the date and time stamp is included in the title, making each recording unique (even if recorded on both HDR 1 and HDR 2 in error, because of minor time differences). The stripping would be done before copying.
Belated thanks Black Hole.

I may be a bit thick, but how would that work?

Are you saying this feature would first need to be added to the sweeper package?
Hi I'm manually renaming all my movies at the moment thinking it would be useful to have a tool to do this, I've not looked into sweeper yet - - it's on my next to do after I tidy filenames of what I already have filed correctly :)