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If you have arrived looking for unofficial support for your HDR-FOX T2, you've come to the right place (but I would say that, wouldn't I!). We have a lot of history and background reading to get you up to speed (and save your embarrassment), the purpose of this post is to guide you to it.

The HDR-FOX T2 forum (where we are now) is for topics that affect specifically the HDR-FOX T2 out of the box. Check the topic index (click) - and not just the first page of the listing - to see if your problem has already been covered.

The HD-FOX T2 forum (click) is the same for the HD-FOX T2. If anything affects both the HD- and the HDR-FOX though, it will probably be on the HDR-FOX T2 forum. It would be as well to read up on the technical differences between them HERE (click).

Then there is the Custom Software forum (click). The Bright Young Things (as I call them) have learned how to run custom code on the HD/HDR-FOX and unleash its full potential. This includes setting up recordings remotely (over your home network or across the Internet), decrypting recordings, and many other things. You will need to be prepared to (potentially) invalidate your warranty (but we've never had any problems). Set-up is very easy even for non-techies, and there is a video guide (click). For a quick run-down of what's involved, see the QUICK START GUIDE (click).

At the top of the HDR-FOX T2 forum listing is a pinned post containing links to what we consider useful for reference. These do not only apply to the HDR-FOX. In particular:

Things Every HD/HDR-FOX Owner Should Know (click) - this summarises the quirks and pitfalls of the HD-FOX and HDR-FOX, how to avoid them or at least mitigate their effects (without recourse to modification), and where installing custom firmware can improve the situation.

Index to Existing Informative Threads (click) - look here as a quick reference or an alternative way to see if it's already been covered.

Encyclopedic Glossary of Terms (click) - background info on all sorts and an explanation of the abbreviations you will come across.

Black Hole's Trail Guide (click) - how I got started with hooking up my HDR-FOX to the home network, what you can do with it if you do, and clues to starting yourself. I also have an HD-FOX hooked up on the network to stream content from my HDR!

Last but not least, the Wiki (click) is accumulating the information from the forum discussions into an on-line manual for the custom software.

For non-technical issues / chat, there are other sections for anything to do with the running of the forum (rather than the content of the forum): Announcements, Introductions, Site/Forum Issues... and for anything-goes off-topic banter there is the Hummy Arms.

Welcome aboard, and enjoy!
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