New to my HDR FOX T2



I purchased a 1TB HDR FoxT2 after reading on here it would do all I needed, record and allow playback to ipad / another DLNA enabled TV / PC :) of course it does much more!

I've installed CFW HDR_FOX_T2_1.02.27_mod_2.11 and the WEBIF

I also installed 2 packages: auto-unprotect & disable-dso after reading the 1.02.27 issues with retune / schedule loss.

I've got a few questions which I apologise if answered elsewhere,

With auto-unprotect I know I can copy files to usb and it will unprotect but DLNA to another device am I correct in thinking mediatomb & virtual-disk are required ?

I don't want to install packages randomly to find what I need :)
With auto-unprotect I know I can copy files to usb and it will unprotect but DLNA to another device am I correct in thinking mediatomb & virtual-disk are required ?

No, just enable 'Content Sharing' in the Humax menus (under System->Internet Settings I think) and that starts the Humax DLNA server. Give it a while to index your recordings and auto-unprotect will automatically remove the DTCP requirement for HD recordings. Mediatomb used to be required before Humax added the DLNA server, and is still useful on HD boxes.
Just to clear up a few terms used on this forum, unprotect and unencrypt are two different stages needed to make files playable when copied off your Humax, A flowchart showing the the different methods that can be used to get playable files from the Humax is HERE, Note all 7 boxes at the bottom of the flowchart show files that are encryption free
Thanks for the replies

I should have noted - do have the sharing working just that non hd content only is showing the folders for hd series are just showing empty.

Thanks for the note on flow chart - I had seen this which is why I thought removing the flag was all that's required, thinking about it I didn't try a new hd recording now I have auto unprotect installed.

I did connect to the webif and view a hd programme on my pc in vlc which worked - this program wasn't shown via windows media players dlna view or aceplayer or xbmc on ipad which is my goal here so I selected decrypt in place on one hd recording but it still didn't showm

Will try a new recording and also see if overnight was long enough for it to update its indexing

I was also looking for a page to discover about standby / power saving, I have already enabled the options in the settings so the rf aerial output sends a signal through if the box is in standby but found I can only access webif if the unit is out of standby, is there a setting or package in webif or is this a limitation ?
You need the processor to be running in order to service the web interface - and the processor only runs if the Humax is awake (ie on, or recording something). The power saving setting is about whether the box continues to run its aerial pass-through amplifier, so that (by turning the amplifier off) the HDR-FOX meets the <1W standby power requirement.

As far as your encryption question is concerned, as long as you only intend to view HiDef recordings either on the box or by DLNA access, you only need auto-unprotect, not unencrypt. The DLNA server decrypts on the fly (as long as HiDefs are unprotected), as does the WebIF download option. unencrypt is for when you want to access recordings (including StDef) directly by FTP or network share, or generally prefer the disk contents to be in the clear for backing up and restoring to a different HDR-FOX if necessary.

Furthermore, unencrypt works in the background to gradually decrypt ALL your existing recordings, but only in the early hours of the night (as standard between 1 and 6 am) so once you set it running you also have to leave the box on overnight while it gradually works through the backlog at two files per hour, and subsequently to process any fresh recordings. I have modified mine to process a file every 5 minutes (if it's not busy with a previous run and if there is an encrypted file to process) any time the box is on, any time of the day. Thus, if you have only recently started it it might be quite a long time before it gets around to looking at any fresh recordings.
Strange the auto unprotected recordings still don't show on DLNA but for the manual decrypt I did via the web if the file in the original file shows !

Anyway since found iPad 2 isn't up to playing 1080p hd files, if with jailbreak and Xbox media centre, haven't tried DLNA enabled Sony tv yet.

I've popped the iPhone web if on which is great, and also nice splice magic folders as it sounds useful
Had some more humax time, and noticed in the webif it shows if an item is indexed by the DLNA server :) having had the unit on a lot with the football it's all indexed now and working as it should :) will look into remote scheduling server.

Haven't had a chance to read the wiki as much as I should so not sure which pkg's are right for me yet :) an awesome box with great support on here though - thanks :)
Just don't install both undelete and seriesfiler at the same time for now!
Hi all,

A question about the auto-decrypt option in WebIF.

If I set the My video folder to be auto-decrypted, will it decrypt contents of sub folders (like series link stuff)?

Also - is there anyway it could be configured to rename the decrypted file so that it is easier to spot what's decrypted when logging in via FTP.


BBC HD Preview_20120618_1235.ts gets renamed to BBC HD Preview_20120618_1235_(DEC).ts