New user: some questions...

Hi there, new user here!

Just a few questions, thanks in advance for any help!

1. On the TV Portal, is Facebook available? It is not on mine I just have iPlayer, Youtube etc.
2. Is there any plans for the HDR-FOX-T2 to be compatible with the Zeebox app on iPad? As in, using the app as a remote for the box?
3. Is it possible to log in to my Flickr account on the TV Portal, I can't seem to find anywhere to log in?

Apologies if any of this has been asked before, I did do a search...

Many thanks!

Ezra Pound

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1) Facebook was added at the begining of January 2012, However I have just looked at my TV portal and it isn't there at the moment, the Humax contacts a website and displays what is available at the time so they can remove it without anything changes on your Humax box.

2) The standard Humax firmware is concidered a 'mature product' by Humax now so they won't be adding to it, there is a Custom Firmware group that are still adding functionality to the HDR so there is more hope there

3) Flickr has a search for email address of Flickr ID so that you can find your photos in option 3 Friends

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Regarding item 2, we have had some (little) discussion about remote control via network (which is what these apps are - I sometimes use an app called Air Mouse to operate my PC remotely, although I could equally well use a wireless mouse).

The problems for installing a handler on the Humax via the custom firmware project are two-fold: first, knowing how to interpret the network traffic coming from the app; and second (more serious), knowing how to inject simulated RC commands into the standard Humax IO stream to be interpreted and acted on. Being as (unless you are using some kind of video sender) you are going to be in the same room as the Humax when operating it, there is no real hardship to use the RC.


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Regarding item 2, we have had some (little) discussion about remote control via network.
It's one of my background projects, but the Humax side is proving challenging... still looking for people to help, particularly those who know MIPS assembler...

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That's a new one! Not even a whisper of it as far as I know. Let's face it, we don't even have ITV Player or 4OD.

If you can find a way to pull an mp4 feed and navigate to it, it could be added to the custom portal - see HERE (click)


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Basically I tried to upgrade my box to the Humax Beta software from but it came up with error E-FE which after googling sounds quite fatal!

I managed somehow to correct it by downloading the current software again and it is now back to normal, apart from when for example I exit the TV Portal, the text 'HUMAX TV Portal has now ended' used to be on a grey background, it is now just displayed as the text with no background behind the text.


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This also happens when I select a programme on the Media menu and it gives a list of options (Play from the Start, Resume Play etc.)
Are you referring to the transparency?

The user guide says that you can set the transparency of the On-Screen Display.
1. Select Transparency.
2. Select an option.
> Off - 25% - 50% - 75%