New user - the good and the not so good

Black Hole

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BH, if your using the amp & speakers in a PJ I hope they're an order of magnitude better than any PJ speakers I've seen

Actually no, the Qumi built-in offering is worse than pitiful, they might as well not have bothered. I'm using a pair of powered PC speakers quite good enough for my needs, either direct or via the Qumi, but as the Qumi RC volume control has only about 8 steps I think (and there is no chance of the Humax RC controlling it anyway), the Humax variable output is a definite plus!

Under other circumstances it would be desirable to have a master volume level adjustment to be able to equalise it to other sources, but I admit this could be achieved with a menu setting instead of a live control.

Fiddling with the RC is something that might get my attention fairly soon, in which case a simple thing would be to make the PVR button volume control the TV and the TV button volume control the PVR!