new : where to find references about editing channels menu in Humax devices


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I am new here, am not sure if i am in the right place.
but I want to know how to edit and develop the control panel and the channels menu in Humax satellite receivers.

like I want to :
1- update frequencies.
2- add remove update channels in the menu.

any information or help will be appreciated .
what are the tools to use ?
what is the used language or code?
any blogs or video or text tutorials.

Thanking you all.

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The only devices that have any kind of customisation are the (outdated) Foxsat-HD and Foxsat-HDR. Even those do not go to the extent of modifying the existing user interface, but an alternative user interface (with very limited functionality) is available via a web browser. Likewise the terrestrial boxes HDR-FOX and HD-FOX.

The reason is that the Humax code is not open source, and ways in have only been found for the devices mentioned. More recent units are believed to have more security built in.

For the existing customisation of the Foxsat devices, see


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I am talking about something like these models:
1- Humax HD-FREE
2- Humax IR3000HD
3- Humax IR1000S

these are commonly used in our area.
what do you think ?

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As non of the above models were intended to be sold / operated in the UK, it is very unlikely that anyone on this forum has looked into modifying the firmware they run on. they may have similar operating systems to the Foxsat-HD and Foxsat-HDR units mentioned above, so the authors of those 'modifications' may be able to give you some pointers, but that about it