newbie issues with humax RW



Ok guys, I'll admit to not being knowledgable about command line use! I've a 9200 & hope to swap out the 160 for a 320Gb.
Is there a user guide out there on to how to actually get Humax RW to copy files from one disk to another? I've never had to get down & dirty with command line stuff & don't really understand all the suffixes mentioned in other posts. Maybe someone can help me out!
Put the HumaxRW files in an easy location on your computer, say, C:\Humax then:

1. Plug Old Humax Disk into computer
2. Plug New Humax Disk into computer

assuming Old Humax Disk is drive 2 and New Humax Disk is drive 3 then

3. run command prompt (as administrator)
4. type "cd C:\Humax" (without quote marks) and hit enter and the prompt should now say "C:\Humax"
5. type "humaxrw 2: -l" and note how many recordings you have on Old Humax Disk
6. type "humaxrw 2: 3: -g 1-X" where X = how many recordings you have noted from step 5 above
7. Go do something until the transfer is complete
8. Fit New Humax Disk into humax box and turn on

I don't know if it will work across humax boxes, eg 9200T to 9300T (someone will need to try and report back) but it will certainly work when upgrading a HDD as you are.