Newbie, just bought 200t 500Gb Won't start


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Just bought the 200T & have tried installing on a Samsung 32" 2012 bought.

All I am getting is odd noises when switching on & off.

Contacted Humax Support but adevice is switch TV & Humax off then wait 5 mins switch tv on then after 5mins switch Humax on.

Anyone able to help Please?
If, with the Humax's HDMI output is connected to the TV's HDMI input, you turn on the Humax and then the TV and you are sure you have selected the correct HDMI input through the TV's menus, you get no picture from the Humax, you should disregard Humax's useless support and take it back from whence you bought it, and ask them to show it to you working or replace it.

If, in fact, you bought it from Humax Direct, you could eliminate the possibility that it is your TV by trying it on a different TV - it does not need to be connected up in any clever way, you are just looking for some kind of picture even if it's only a message saying "no signal". You could also try eliminating the HDMI by connecting via SCART. Don't take any bull from them.

Whatever the case, there is no need of advice from us. You have the Sale of Goods Act (or whatever it is called these days) to protect you from purchases which turn out not to be of merchantable quality.
There may be a problem with the HDMI link between your Humax and the TV, try temporarily connecting via SCART to see if that works O.K.
All I am getting is odd noises when switching on & off.
What surprises me a bit is that neither of the other two asked from where the noise is coming. Is it the TV or the new box? Is it a mechanical noise? Does it seem to startup at all? If it's a mechanical noise (other than a normal disc startup "click and whine") from the new box, then swap it out.
It doesn't bother me where the noise is coming from. What surprises me is how many people come and say "I just bought this box and it doesn't work" when the obvious answer is "take it back".