Newbie looking at getting HDR-FOX t2


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Hi everyone

Just made myself a member, was a member of the old forum, as I own a 9200T, had it a good few years now, but am looking at getting another PVR.

I like the twin tuners on my existing unit, so would keep it for the periodic occaisions that there are more than 2 things we want to record at once. It has been a reasonable unit, although I have had to replace the disc when the original went faulty.

I saw the HDR-FOX T2 has an ethernet port, and from reading the forums it seems that 'everything' is accessible through this. The ethernet port is what I am interested in, as it would be nice for the wife to watch some stuff when she is in her sewing room (she used to take VHS tapes to do that - but you can't with the 9200T ;) ) and this looks like it will allow this to happen. However from reading the forums it looks like one needs to do a fiddle to decrpyt programs to watch them like this - the end machine is a Windows 7 Home laptop with just the standard Media Player on it. Can put other programs on if that makes the process easier.

The other thing I would like to be able to do is remote set up programs to record, while I am away on holiday, to get around the 7 days EPG limit. I get the impression this capability is still a work in progress (but I haven't exhaustively read the forums).

You don't seem to have a 'newbies read this first', or 'start here' topic, so i started this one to get the information in one place as to what this interesting looking device will do.


I'm using windows 7 on my laptop and you don't need any extra programs to view the Humax. Windows 7 has a dlna client built in it sees the Humax as another library which you just click on to open up and then select program you wish to watch , it's as simple as that . You can't, however , view HD recorded progs because of the encryption on the Humax. Hope this helps
Antipodean, the bottom line is this: now Humax has caught up with network streaming capabilities in the latest firmware update (1.02.20 for the HDR-FOX T2), by far the easiest way to share recorded content is to only record in SD (which is plenty good enough for streamed playback anyway). You might want to use Boxee or XBMC for Win7 streaming (that's what others are finding useful). You can of course record programmes you do not want accessible on the network in HD, or simultaneously record SD and HD.

Ref remote scheduling, you don't need it if you are recording ongoing series - use the series record function (now we know how to make it work properly by creating a daily wake-up event). There is hacking going on which may well ultimately make remote scheduling available, but you will need to install modified firmware to do it.
OK, thanks folk, that gives me some thoughts. At this stage I am not too worried about HD, as I don't have an HD capable TV, but would expect to be able to do this at soem stage in the reasonably near future.
SD streaming over a network is actually pretty painless with the new firmware from Humax. You only need to load the custom firmware if you want to stream HD content with mediatomb (but to be honest the custom firmware isn't too hard to set up either!). I can happily stream content from my hummy to my PS3, win7 PC and even my android mobile phone with the minimum of fuss.