Newbie Question - EPG


Sorry to ask a dumb question - Fox T2 being delivered and doing some prep work. I'm sure I read that the custom-firmware does not effect the user interface. To be honest I saw a youtube video of this box and the epg looked good to me. Reading the wiki pages I have seen this picture Webif-epg-nn.png for the custom-firmware epg - if I install the custom-firmware will the epg look like Webif-epg-nn.png rather than the 'out-of-the-box' style?
The pictures of the Web-If (Web Interface) are as they appear on a P.C. / Laptop screen not on your TV, the TV EPG screen is not changed
Thank you - I feel I should not ask another question because I'm new and need to do a lot of reading. However ..... very briefly then, what does the custom-firmware do then? I ask this because as a previous Toppy user, where there were lots of taps that very much changed the user interface, is it the case that not much changes screen/user interface wise on the Humax. It looks a great machine and I cannot wait for it to arrive. On the toppy there were quite a few things that you really needed to do when you get it out of the box to make the experience (interface/screen wise) good. I'm guessing the Humax doesn't have anything like the taps that the Toppy had - I'm just looking to find out if there is anything I should do once I've got it up and running.
Basically it provides behind-the-scenes facilities. We have no means to tap into the main user interface, but the WebIF is much more convenient for many things, and it avoids interrupting other people viewing the TV (especially handy if you habitually have a tablet on your lap).

It was originally started to correct some (what we regarded as) rather severe limitations with regard to accessing recorded content, and then blossomed. Do you want a different clock on the screen-saver display? The custom firmware can do it.

However, the first port of call is to protect yourself from the "gotchas". Take a look HERE (click).