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Hi guys. I've just received my new HDR-T2-G and seem to have a bit of a problem with it. I've had a look through the forums here and can't see anything that might help so thought I'd ask you guys for your advise. The set up was no problem although it seems takes ages to scan all the regional channels I can get. After it's been on for about 7 mins the screen freezes. It's just like I have paused it. However the sound is uneffected and continues. When this happens none of the button on the remote work, including the standby button. The standby button on the front of the unit does not work either. The only way I can turn the unit off is with the switch on the back. If I then turn the switch on the back back on after 2 mins I get the startup message on the front of the box and the Humax splash screen on the TV and that is how it stays. The only way to reboot it, is to turn it off at the mains. After the mains re-boot everything works fine for 7 mins until the screen freezes again..... Have you guys any idea's what might cause this?


The picture freezing while the sound continues means that the Humax software has crashed. There are lots of things you could try (full factory reset for one) but given it's new I'd just get it replaced.