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Eric Carter

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Guys so far I have loaded and decrypted my HD recordings, connected up a USB HDD to the Hummy with the intention of backing up the data on it.(Its being returned next week to Humax) Looks like all the files are available but I am strugling with the Copy / Paste process from the Internal to the External HDD

My HDD is formatted in FAT32 and the hummy can read data already on it.

I have copied a file using the HDR software ok but for whatever reason i have run out of ideas as to why it’s not working when using the Web interface.

This is the process:

Select file to copy with a Tick in the box, click Opt and then copy to clipboard. (I can now see the file in the clipboard box

I then navigate to my Too folder on the USB Hdd, go into that folder where I can see the file I copied using the on-board Humax copy tool.

I then hit the button, Paste to current folder. The screen shows a little dialog box and then refreshes the clipboard folder as being empty.

Nothing is copied ?

What kind of School Boy error am i making.... ?

HDD has plenty of space etc....
Ok based on this:

Ok based on the post extract below, I think you can only copy using the remote to a HDD?
Method 5* (recording decrypted by copy):
  1. For HiDef ensure auto-unprotect is installed or use Foxy (see note 6) to clear protection (not necessary for StDef recordings);
  2. Use the remote control handset to perform an OPT+ "copy" operation to USB drive or virtual drive (not "move").
Is the file larger than 4GB? FAT32 only goes up to 4GB - see Things Every (click) section 12. The WebIF copy-paste definitely works to an external drive, but my external drives are either NTFS or Ext3 (not FAT32). If the file you are copying is less than 4GB but still not successful, it could be that there is an undiagnosed bug in the WebIF.

The quote you referenced is talking specifically about decryption operations not file copy operations.
Ok, I have copied over 9gb of data from a single folder on the HDR to the HDD, none of the files was over 4gb using the remote control and I can see the progress in the webIF. I am only going to back up the data I need so to be honest the remote will do fine for me, but i do like the idea of being able to manage the data using webIF.

I will connect up another NTFS HDD and see how I get on

Many thanks
You need to install the ntfs-3g package (and reboot the box) to support writing to NTFS drives. I tested the WebIF copy-paste this morning, but I am not sure whether my currently connected drive is Ext3 or NTFS (probably the former).
Now this is gonna sound daft but I have just tried again to copy a file using webIF and its only gone and worked. (This after I had copied data using the Remote)..
Hmmmm must be me lol...
Not necessarily. The handset copy may have prepared the file system in some way which then allows the WebIF copy-paste to work properly. We need observations such as this to track down obscure bugs.
OK great, well I am seriously impressed with the work you guys have done with this software, every niggle I had with the original software has been fixed... the rest is fantastic