Newbie Questions on HDR-Fox T2


Hi folks,

I am new to these receivers so I apologise for my ignorance but I'm getting confused with all my reading..

I currently have a HDR-Fox T2 and I have the modified firmware and it is working like a treat. I have it connected to my home network and it is hooked into my NAS and playing the media is also working a treat.

What I would like to do if possible is to purchase a HD-Fox T2 and link this into my home network so here are a few queries based on that.
1. Can the HD-Fox T2 connect to the HDR-Fox T2 to record and play the recorded content?
2. Can the HD-Fox T2 connect to my NAS?

I was following the guide about decrypting the recordings also using Foxy. I connected to the box using FileZilla and downloaded the encryption file and ran Foxy on it and then FTP's it back onto the receiver again. When I then downloaded the *.ts recording the file wouldn't play on VLC so:
3. Does the *.ts file need to be copied from the receiver to an external USB storage to become decrypted?
4. Does this need to be done for every recording if the HD-Fox T2 was able to see the HDR-Fox T2?

I was also reading something about an AutoProtect plugin but it wasn't clear to me.
5. Is this doing exactly what the above is trying to achieve?

Another thing I have noticed is that the EPG is not getting populated for the SaorView channels.
6. Is this a known issue?

Again, sorry for the very basic questions.

1) From what I read before somewhere on the forums, the HD-Fox T2 wouldn't record from the HDR-Fox T2, but it will play back recording from it.. however stuff like ffwd/rwnd isn't great. Seems like it's using DLNA to play back across the devices.
Thanks Matt,

I was reading something about ffwd/rwnd issues on another post but I was able to do this fine with with avi's on my NAS (Very quick test so perhaps this might develop bugs..).

If it was even able to play the recordings then it would be a plus although to hook into the HDR-Fox T2 and be able to record also would be a major plus and cost saving..
Sounds like your NAS handles the media serving duties a bit better than the HDR-Fox T2. I guess it's all down to how they've implemented the DLNA server in the box itself.
As I said, I very quickly tested this the other evening when I set up the HDR-Fox T2 and it seemed fine. The NAS is a Synology DS212j if anyone is curious. I will give it a better test over the weekend and ensure that it consistantly works well.

I also have an older Iomega NAS and I might try this also to see if it works too.

Anyway, anyone else have any guidance on my other queries?

Thanks a mill,
Do a web search SaorView Humax. There is a forum that suggests that the channels may be listed in the 800s.
It may be that your transmitter is not broadcasting all the stations yet.

I am picking up the channels fine and yes they are stuck away up in the 800's.. I have created a favourite group and ordered them in the way I like.

The problem with this query is that when I browse the EPG the channel listings for the SaorView do not appear when the FreeView channels all populate fine. I was wondering if this was a known issue?
mcquaim : If you have loaded the Custom Firmware you don't need Foxy However you missed out a copy to USB (See link). There are much easyer ways to decrypt using the custom Firmware using Download for example or Decrypt it's all documenred in the Wiki. Note Auto-UN Protect only removes the ENC flag it does not decrypt. All files on the Humax are encrypted, They are automatcally decrypted when streamed from Humax to Humax and (SD only unless 'Foxied') when copied with the Remote to a USB drive
@Ezra Pound

Thanks a mill for the update.. I must have totally missed that, so much new stuff to take in lol

I have the new firmware so I should be able to try both those options.

BTW, in the description of the above two options it mentions the OPT+ button in the Web Interface "Web-If MAIN >> BROWSE MEDIA FILES >> (Select Single File) >> OPT+ >> Decrypt".

How can I use the OPT+ button on the remote when I am on my PC or can the Web-If be accessed from the receiver itself?

Again, sorry for the stupid questions and I'm not currently in front of the HDR-Fox T2 so this is from memory...
Not stupid at all, It is a bit misleading, There is a button on the Remote called OPT+ BUT there is also an OPT+ icon in the WebIf (via P.C.) screen, see HERE
Perfect, thanks Ezra Pound..

All files on the Humax are encrypted, They are automatcally decrypted when streamed from Humax to Humax and (SD only unless 'Foxied') when copied with the Remote to a USB drive

So does the Deycrpt option remove the need for Foxy altogether or is it still needed for HD when copying to USB?

As HD content takes up a lot of space I would like to take whatever recordings I'd like to keep and convert them into avi's on the pc and to do this I would need to decrypt first.
Perfect, all clear now :)

Would you know if the HD-Fox T2 can record onto the HDD of the HDR-Fox T2?

I also seen a clip on YouTube just now of some lad in Dublin with SaorView EPG populated so reckon the issue might be it is not being broadcasted from where I'm picking it up from in Longford perhaps..

Thanks again,
SaorView EPG

Pyroboy posted in the Custom Firmware forum on this subject on the 28th Jan.
Unable to provide a link I'm afraid.
Would you know if the HD-Fox T2 can record onto the HDD of the HDR-Fox T2?

No it will not. If you want to record with the HD-FOX, you connect a USB drive to it and then command the HD-FOX to prepare it for recording. The recordings are encrypted and locked to that particular device unless you use the custom software to unlock them (a bit of a faff on the HD-FOX).

I use an HD-FOX exclusively to stream content from my HDR-FOX. All recordings are made with the HDR-FOX (I don't even have an aerial connected to the HD-FOX, but this does cause some problems accessing the TV Portal -see elsewhere). The HD-FOX plays the StDef and HiDef content directly from the HDR-FOX with no problem, skip and timeline transport control is available, and no decryption or unlocking is required (the HDR-FOX takes care of all that on the fly).

The one fly in the ointment is the 4GB problem, but this can be worked around until Humax cure it.
Thanks, Ezra.
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Found out how to do it. :)
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