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I feel so close yet so far. I'm not very technically minded but not ready to give up yet so please be gentle.

I have the custom fimware all fine and have the Ip address as can wee the WEB IF (if wrong terminology, apolgies my bad) BUT
1. How do I get the password/log in for remote scheduling?
2. Why can't I seem to actually watch anything on my laptop? / iphone? (i've managed to download via the opt+ but not streaming?)
3. do i do things differently on iphone if it doesn't have vlc?

I'm wireless by the way and belive i have installed the wireless helper.
thanking you in advance.
1) You have to apply for a Remote Schedule logon and password, Details HERE
2) The Humax will only stream to a DNLA device if it is turned on in the Humax, e.g. Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Settings >> Content Share = On
All recorded files on the Humax are encrypted, see the flow chart HERE for details
3) You need to have an App. on the I-phone that is a DNLA client (The Humax Content Share = on is DNLA server)
1. got there via the stetting as link took me through to adverts
2. still confused. content share is on. flow chart confusing to me. help please.
3. any app - if i search for DNLA and install. - sorry confused need more basic onstructions please


1) The link should have take to the WiKi Remote Scheduling page page the Main Menu of the WiKi is at the top of each forum page and

2) The flow chart just shows the different ways to get a file off the Humax so that it can be played on a P.C. etc, you basically need to get to a box on the bottom row, the green DEC symbol shows a file on the Humax that is decrypted, the other 3 boxes on the left show files that are off the Humax and viewable. In your original post you say you have done an OPT+ download, this file should be playable on a P.C.

3) To stream a file from the Humax to another device like your I-Phone you must have a program running at both ends to handle the file, the sending program on the Humax is turned on with the content share = on command, the receiving program on your I-phone must be a DNLA client, I don't have an I-phone and don't know the name of the Apps. but a search on 'DNLA client' should find one. I use a DNLA client on an android device called Media House UPnP/DNLA browser, it may also be available for the I-phone.
Having installed a streaming client on your I-Phone, it will connect via Wi-Fi to your home network (that the Humax is connected to) and display a list of devices running DNLA servers like your Humax e.g. HDR-FOX T2 >> My-Contents >> MY Video >> {File names}
Buzz player works well on the iPhone. Not the most polished application but does the job well and even lets you download content for later viewing offline.
1/2 - brilliant - thank you thank you thank you.
3) downloaded UPnP to iphone and all it gave me was info and copuldn't do anyting. From what i can briefly find on internet there are more/better option for tablets and better size so may investigate those when i get paid. thats enough for today. thanks again. I'll stick with the laptop movies and wifey can deal with it and hook it up to the tv.
thanks again - you guys are the bomb!
Re: via settings - it says my email is already registered yet inactive. Is that something your guys end you can help with?
if i use the forgotten password link it rejects the 2 spam words even if correct
it now says active in settings but,
I can't get in at all to the rs so can't delete or see that link - can you or is it just af123 that can sort me out?