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Hi - I'm new to the forum

I've had a Humax 9200 for many years and been very happy with it.

I feel like it's time for an upgrade - I want freeview HD and the ability to view recorded programs from more than one TV and/or a laptop PC.

Just before I buy a HDR FOX T2, I have a couple of questions:
1) Can you connect the hummy to your ADSL router using a homeplug system instead of wireless? What network speed do you recommend?
2) We are going to replace the old TV in the bedroom with a DNLA certified TV. Is this, combined with another homeplug enough to watch stuff recorded on the hummy?
3) If I want to watch a recorded program on a laptop, is my wireless G network fast enough for streaming HD (or even SD) - or do you download the program first then start watching it?

Thanks in advance
I think the simple answer to all your question is YES but......
1) my broadband is 7 mb at best no problems and I'm wireless
2) Should work although some DLNA implementations seem to be better than other maybe other members can recommend TV's
3) I stream to my laptop, also to my Android tablet, all the time using windows 7 just don't expect full transport control, ie fast forward etc doesn't work properly 4x max if your lucky. Probably depends on network speed.
Having upgraded from a 9200, which I still use, I would thoroughly recommend the T2 quite different beast but enough of the same to make the transition comfortable. Still prefer the 9200 remote mind you
Thanks brianmt - just to clarify, I was wondering how fast the homeplug network would need to be to stream HD around the house

I'll also test the throughput of my ancient wireless-G router for streaming to the laptop - what sort of data rate do I need for this?
I use Wireless B/G, everything's fine. My HDR-FOX is networked by Homeplug AV200, again everything's fine. ALL these technologies are faster than your broadband will be, so that should give you a clue, and in my opinion there is no point going for the faster HomePlug technologies (faster than 200 that is, there is even a case that 54 is probably fast enough) unless you have gigabit Ethernet installed.

You might be disappointed with streaming to a TV, even if it is DLNA certified. My experience is jerky or broken up playback on anything other than another Humax (HD-FOX) or a PC running XMBC or VLC (for StDef) or the HD-FOX only for HiDef. I've not achieved transport control when streaming to PC, but you can start a download and then play it with VLC before it finishes - that gets you transport control.

The pinned articles at the top of the forum listing will give you more information (Black Hole's Trail Guide, Glossary, Index...).
Thanks for the reply. Shame about the streaming to another TV :( Do you think this will be fixed by a future update?
I think the problem is we have all had different experiences with streaming. For instance I've streamed to my laptop running windows 7, with no problems from day one, other people have never got it to work and have had to use servers such as XBMC. I really can't comment on the tv streaming, don't have one, but there does seem to be a wide variation on the implementation between manufactures. I work with sony equipment in a professional capacity and they allways seem to have a different slant on standards ie work great with other sony gear but somewhat flakey when integrating with others, I've had trouble in the past with Bravias and HDMI. I think TV streaming will work but you really have to be careful what set you buy. Maybe if you use someone like richer sounds they might set up a demo !!
Actually, the HD FOX units are only about £90 so it would not be a disaster if I had to get one to stream HD to a second TV.

Thanks once again for the help guys - I am definitely going to get one now :)