Newbie says 'Thank You!'


I've been lurking here for several months - I have been wanting to replace my ageing 9200T for a long time and finally took a punt on an ex-display HDR-FOX T2 on ebay and managed to win it (I'm retired and on limited funds). I struck gold because it was unused, hadn't ever had a set-up and was unmarked. No remote or manual but I use a Harmony One so no problem there, and I've had a download of the manual for ages.

It arrived yesterday and installation went perfectly. I took the plunge and upgraded to the custom firmware and Web Interface today - mainly so that I can copy videos off it without reformatting an external NTFS drive. Then I installed Samba and I can now play videos directly off the T2 using a laptop XBMC install - great for late night upstairs in bed.

I just wanted to say what a fantastic bit of kit the T2 is when upgraded with the custom software - thanks so much to all the authors for making it available. And a big thank you for the wiki and all the 'how to's' - even this old duffer can understand them!
Welcome to the Forum don't forget that all content on the Humax is encrypted, however with the Custom firmware there are lots of ways to get playable files off the box. Have a look at the Encryption notes on the WiKi HERE, you basically need to follow the flow chart to get to a 'box' on the bottom row
Thanks Ezra

I've figured out two ways already:

1. Copy to USB Drive (SD videos)


2. Decrypt on the T2 and then browse to the file from my laptop using Windows File Manager and just copy it across to where I want it (Samba enabled).

I'm sure I'm just scratching the surface! SO much easier than wrestling with the options available for the 9200.