Newly upgraded - a couple of questions...


I've recently upgraded from a 9200 to HDR T-2 and first impressions are very good. However, a couple of things I've not been able to find answers to here (or elsewhere).

1. The status display on the front panel is shown in the manual without a decode. I'm happy with the HDD contents gauge on the right but, on the left, above the channel display I have 2 captions: TV and FULL - what do they mean please?

2. My Hummy is connected to a router by Cat5 cable, the i-player works OK and I can see the folders on the Hummy using Filezilla on the PC (thanks for the idiot's guide, Black Hole). However, if I select Network from the HDD/USB/Network it says "Unable to Connect", or similar after a minute or so of trying. The PC is on Vista 32.

Any help gratefully received.

There are a list if the icons HERE, TV flips between TV and Radio, FULL = full resolution. For the Network to work you need to allow sharing on a laptop / P.C. on the same network and have a program to supply the media via DNLA, Windows Media player has a very simple one goto Library >> Media Sharing >> Share My Media to Device
Hi Guys, Sorry to be slow coming back. Thanks Ezra. Brianmt - I think Vista is the cause of all my problems, I've had Win 7 on the shelf since launch but I'm short on courage for running the upgrade as I'd be up the creek if it went wrong. I might build a new box and use it on that and move to 64 bit - less nerve-racking than an upgrade. I'll try XMBC in the meantime.
I don't know how W7 behaves under the same circumstances, but selecting 'Network' on my system - which has only Vista PCs attached - has always sent the Hummy into a loop unless there is something on the network, in the shape of a DLNA server, for it to connect to. I've had no real success using WMP under Vista to serve media to the Hummy, but when I installed and populated Serviio on my PC, the Hummy could see it quite happily via the network option. You cannot see Windows shares from the Hummy unless you use the modified firmware.

The Network option on the Hummy is treating the Hummy as a DLNA client, so it needs to find a server, like WMP (properly set up for media sharing) or Serviio on a Windows machine on the network. XBMC makes your PC into a client and allows it to stream media FROM the media server on the Hummy. If I have understood your original question correctly, installing XBMC on the PC will not help the Hummy to 'see' the PC - but it will enable the PC to 'see' the Hummy.
Never had a problem with Win 7 and WMP works well although you must have the latest codecs loaded. All in all XBMC is probably the best solution, it works, it's quite quirky so feel free to ask dumb questions, we all have. When you install XBMC clicking on the video tab shows your Hummy and voila files there for you to play but sometimes a bit of messing about with settings is needed to get it all to work.
"However, if I select Network from the HDD/USB/Network it says "Unable to Connect", or similar after a minute or so of trying. The PC is on Vista 32."

This is the question I was trying to answer. XBMC won't help the poster to see content on his PC via the Network option on his Hummy. It will let him see content on his Hummy via his PC.​
Can't try at the moment but I'm sure the hummy "sees" XBMC and hence the video on your pc. Could be totally wrong but when I get a chance will look
Just had a little play and the Hummy does see XBMC and it appears on the network. I would suggest not to download XBMC Eden it's only beta and I've just found a couple of problems with it. May be the way I'm using it but it certainly has a few funnies