Next OTA due out for PVR-9300T in West Midlands?

grumpy jim

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Hi, anyone got the inside track on when the next OTA for PVR-9300T is going to be broadcast in the West Midlands area?
Thanks for that. I guess an email to humax may be the answer, though I doubt it as they have not replied to the last one I sent. Never mind, these things are sent to try us, and keep us on our toes.
Further to my last post, I have had a reply next day from HUMAX - Next OTA for west midlands expected in 2 to 3 weeks (from 25/10/11)
It now appears on DTGs website. Recent update!
Yes, I just spotted it myself, but the data listed is gobbledegook to me, and I was not sure if this listing was for my area (west midlands), or in some other area of the country.
One way to find out for sure is to attempt a manual update search on the date or dates stated.
Thanks for that.

Further to my last, I waited for d-day and starting at 10.30 ish, I did one of three machines at a time.
1. Checked for ota - already up to date - no action.
2. Dito - auto downloaded and updated - default reset etc - a-ok.
3 Dito - -----------------------------------------------------------------.

All 3 updated and ok for now. Several days later, noticed m/c 3 very reluctant to populate the epg.

Having already returned one pvr 9300t to amazon for failing to populate the epg, I fear this is going to be an ongoing problem with this model.
I will use a fresh thread to see if this is a common problem or if there is an easy solution. Two bad machines out of four is not a good percentage.
Feeling really grumpy now and losing faith in this product,...........................................