No Audio streaming to PS3


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If I use the humax to stream content to a PS3 (not using mediatomb - the default server) I have no sound on High Def recordings.Video is fine though.
Standard Def recordings work fine and I have video and audio.

Is this a known issue? For info I'm testing with Match of the day on BBC HD channel, and MOTD2 on bbc2 standard def.

I know the audio is there as I can watch on the hummy.

Not suggesting this is a problem with the hummy or the custom firmware, just wondering if anyone has a solution and whether it is a known issue?

I should think it's the media player in the PS3 that is the problem, we used to have a lot of trouble with PC media players coping with the encoding changes in the audio stream of HiDef recordings.
Thanks, yes I don't doubt the PS3 is the problem.
I'm just a little surprised as I'd expect BBC to be a fairly 'standard' standard.
If it is something that has just stopped working then maybe the next firmware will address it. If it has been broken for some time then I'll give up on it.

For background I want to get a media client for my bedroom. I can either get a blueray player with built in DLNA client for about 100 quid, or had a thought an old style PS3 for £50 on ebay might be a better option.
The BBC IS standard. It uses ISO formats. Its the other manufacturers trying to be clever that muddy the waters.
When I set up the family TV downstairs I tested WiFi from the router I had upstairs and happily made it work
off the BBC web site by using the cheap bluray player (LG) as the wireless (cost me £65 - 3D bluray inc wifi) and
plugged it into the LG TV. I've never tried it from the humax though (they have Sky down there)
Might be worth a look to see if that sort of setup (maybe one with dlna is available) could give more functionality.
The best all-purpose client we currently know (if you don't mind a bit of DIY) is the Raspberry Pi (see HERE - click). The second best client is an HD-FOX with custom firmware, and the third best is an HD-FOX without custom firmware.

A blu-ray player with DLNA may or may not be able to play HiDef content from the HDR-FOX (it might not like the encoding of the streams), but it definitely won't without the custom firmware (it will be encrypted). StDef should be OK though.
I'd put the HD-Fox as the best, followed by the Pi. Given that a Pi + PSU + Codec licences etc. swiftly approaches the price of the HD-Fox why not just use the purpose-designed box?
In my reckoning I accounted for the RPi also being able to play all sorts of things, including all the on-demand web services, just by installing the right Linux software. That makes it much more versatile.
You might find this issue varies depending on the programme. Some HD BBC programmes are broadcast with 5.1 sound, and some with standard 2-channel sound. I'm not sure what MOTD uses, I don't watch it myself. Also I'm not sure what the exact audio formats are (icons on the TV's OSD can be misleading sometimes). All I know is that some content is detected by my amp as 5.1, and some not.
Well thats interesting.
Raspberry Pi was my plan A. I have one, but gave up as it didn't work with SD stuff so moved on to plan B.

Looks like it now does work with SD recordings so looks like I am back to my original plan after all. Amazing what difference a few weeks makes.