No EPG data in web interface


I've just noticed the EPG in the web interface is no longer showing any data. It's not something I check very often, so I'm not sure when this started happening. The initial now/next info just shows the headings and if I switch to the grid view it shows "No EPG data for this time range..." for all channels. The EPG on the Humax itself is fully populated.

If I try searching for a programme it returns results but only from the past. For instance, if I search for "news", I get a list of news programmes from Sat 12 Sep 2020 to Sun 20 Sep 2020.

Is something corrupted on my setup somewhere?

Web interface version: 1.4.8-8
Custom firmware version: 3.13 (build 4028)
Humax Version: 1.03.12 (kernel HDR_CFW_3.13)
Loader Version: a7.33

Thanks in advance.
It happens, and it is mentioned on here somewhere. I'm not sure what the answer is, possibly delete the WebIF EPG database file (because they have a tendency to become corrupt) and let the system recreate it.

Research indicates this has to be done in Maintenance Mode:
I think you will probably need to reboot into Maint mode and use the option to rebuild the epg database
Suggest you firstly run the epgrange diagnostic to check the from to dates. If outdated go into maintenance mode and run epg from the menu.
Thanks both, problem solved.

The epgrange diagnostic showed the correct dates, but deleting the EPG database in maintenance mode and then waiting for it to re-populate returned it to normal.