No EPG via remote scheduling portal?


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Hi all,

I've just installed the custom firmware and all is good except there is no EPG via the RS portal and searching for any program returns "no results found". Although if I log in directly via my HDR's IP address the EPG is there and everything works as expected including the search function.

I've rebooted a few times, logged in and out etc but to no avail. I've uploaded a screen grab showing both windows, I'd be grateful for any assistance with this :)


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The EPG viewed on the RS web site is not the same as the EPG viewed in the WebIF (which is what I think you've done albeit in a roundabout way).

Try running the chanpush diagnostic (ie type "chanpush" into the diagnostic selector on the Diagnostics page of the WebIF). This will update the RS service with your population of tuned channels so it knows what to present to you - if you have only just registered with RS there may not have been a sync operation yet.
Thanks Black Hole, your last sentence must have been it as it's working this morning. I just need to read more now to understand the queued command thing.
I just need to read more now to understand the queued command thing.
It's quite simple, but you need to understand the mechanics.

Setting or modifying a recording schedule item on the RS can be done from anywhere you have a web browser connection, and while your Humax is off-line. First it will be queued on the RS web server pending your Humax waking up and performing a sync to the RS service, and it will be downloaded to a pending queue on your Humax. A sync is performed daily, either in the early hours or at the first boot of the day.

The pending item cannot be incorporated into the actual recording schedule while the official Humax firmware is active, so it is queued on the Humax until there is a reboot, and the custom firmware adds queued items into the schedule at that time. Only then can the schedule item be acted on (the Humax will not wake up to act on a timer event that is still only in the pending queue).

One can force reboots to make these stages happen sooner, but there are associated risks of misoperation and it is best to let the reboots happen with normal power cycles (timer or manual). Consequently the RS is best not used for urgent items!

Similar concepts apply to scheduling or modifying schedule items via the WebIF: there is no question of having to download the item from the RS service, but it is added to the local queue and not incorporated until the next boot.
Many thanks again. I'm just at the experimental stage and have remotely set a recording for this evening and 1 for tomorrow. Having read the wiki I expect that today's recording won't happen because no auto boot is scheduled for before the record time, and I'm not at home so I can't set an auto boot and this cant be done remotely (unit is in stand-by). Tomorrow's recording should work due to the 4:30am boot and the reboot I scheduled after setting what to record. Have I got that right?