No HDMI output


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When a TV uses the internal tuner (ie no HDMI involved, not something I do very often), is there a lip sync adjustment, and if not is the sound sync ever out? Could it be that the broadcast data is in sync but it is the HDMI chain to the TV that throws it out? What about when the sound is being produced through a separate amp?

I had a further thought about this one. If I get my amp to change its video output, eg, to 1080p, then the sync setting also changes relative to the way it is via pass through. As I can't predict how a stream will be affected, I have the amp permanently on pass through now.

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I've got the same problem, I think it started after the October 25 update.

What about the update on 7th November? 14.2.0/1.7.4

Edit: Just tried an update and got one, to...14.2.0/1.7.4. Something is seriously wrong with YouView. Especially as this is lower than the official update version, and why would a machine already on 14.2.0/1.7.4 want to update to 14.2.0/1.7.4 anyway?

YouView must hold the world record for boot time vs standby power consumption, too.


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Same after the 7 November update.

I did a Maintenance Mode Recovery (option 4) that worked for about two days, but now the fault has returned.