No Humax Portal


Web interface version: 1.0.16-4
Custom firmware version: 2.22 (build 1905)
Humax Version: 1.03.11 (kernel HDR_1.03.12)


Whenever I try to enter the Humax Portal I get the loading image and thats it.
Nothing else.

There is no custom portal either.

Anyway to resolve this as we can't access iPlayer.
If I need to reflash the firmware, please let me know which one to get.

Whenever I try to enter the Humax Portal I get the loading image and thats it.
Nothing else.
Have you tried putting the box into standby, waiting until the disk has stopped spinning and then turning off the power for a couple of minutes?
I notice that you have 1.03.11 firmware installed, though from the kernel version you have had 1.03.12 installed in the past. There is no benefit to this, as far as I know, and 1.03.11 suffers from the 'new HD channel' recording bug which is fixed in 1.03.12. I don't know if that is an issue here, the standard Humax portal is working with 1.03.12 firmware, I don't know if 1.03.11 is affected. I recommend uninstalling any custom portal packages. Then download 1.03.12/ 3.00 CFW from the wiki downloads page and install this to get the latest firmware/ custom firmware combination. Then see if the portal/ iPlayer are working.
For your benefit I have just powered up my HDR with 1.03.12 firmware and confirmed that the Humax TV Portal loads. Your problem could be 1.03.11, but is more likely a temporary problem with your particular unit communicating with the Humax server. You can bypass the Humax server and access iPlayer directly using a custom portal (new-portal in the case of 1.03.xx).
Thanks I don't see the custom portal and I've noticed I can't update any packages via the web interface.

telnetting to the box, I've confirmed it can access the internet and DNS resolution is working.
Think I'll try 1.03.12 !