no notification on failed copy


I had a USB drive brought round to me yesterday with the complaint that files wouldnt play.

It turned out they were zero length. After wondering about so many zero length files (I know the issue and it isnt that bad)
the penny dropped - the drive was full.
After checking I discovered there is no notification that either the drive is full or that a copy failed - it just creates
zero length files and leaves them there.
He is using the ntfs patch.

Is there any way to patch in something that could help?
The same thing happens if you reach 4GB on a FAT drive - no indication that the copy terminated early.

Not sure what could be done about a SUI operation from the custom software. The error interrupt appears to be suppressed by the Humax software, and there's no way to flag something up on screen even if the CF scanned the drive periodically and detected it was full.
Thats a real shame to say the least.
Do we know what executable is run to do the copy ? Could that be replaced I wonder.