No picture over HDMI (using HDanywhere HDMI to Component Converter)


I'm running CFW 2.14, and wanted to know if there are any Telnet commands that I can use to help fix my HDMI incompatibility isssue ?

I am trying to use a HDanywhere HDMI to Component Converter Adapter (model LKH2COMP01), to convert my Humax HDR-FOX T2 HDMI output, to my Panasonic professional TH-42PWD4 Plasma, using Component signals.

My plasma doesn't support HDMI input, and I want to display the HD channels at 1080i from my HDR, instead of using the RGB SCART 576p (which works OK).

If I connect the 'HDanywhere HDMI to Component box' to my PC monitor, and press the V-format (resolution) key, I get a good pictures at either 576i, 576p, 720P or 1080i.

If I connect the 'HDanywhere HDMI to Component box' to my TH-42PWD4 Plasma, and press the V-format key I can't get a picture, and I can only select resolutions 720P or 1080P.

(Note. My Plasma doesn't seem to support 1080P only 1080i and 720P @ 60hZ (Not sure it may be 50Hz...)

If I disconnect the HDanywhere from the HDMI output and reboot the HDR, and monitor the HDR picture over RGB, I change the resolutions to 576i, 576p, 720P or 1080i.

Sometimes when the Humax boots I can see the Humax logo using the HDanywhere from the HDMI output, could my issue be something to do with the need to use HDCP ?

Also if I connect either PS3 (1080i), Spiderbox sat box (1080i), Bly-ray (1080i) or Sumvision Cyclone Micro 2+ media player (720P), using HDMI via the HDanywhere Converter to my Plasma (over Component), I don't have any problems with HD pictures.

It's only the Humax that I can't get a picture over HDMI at any resolution, I would be happy with just 576p, instead of 1080i, so I don't have to keep manually switching from RGB to Component all the time on my Plasma.

Is there a Workaround for my Humax HDR Fox T2 HDMI issue ?

I have phoned HDanywhere tech support, and they said it could be a compatibility problem, because my HDanywhere was a few years old and there are no reported issues with there latest box.
Certainly there will be an issue if the converter does not negotiate HDCP, I believe the Humax insists on HDCP every time just in case it might be sending HiDef. Your comment about the PC monitor confuses me though, I would have thought that if you can get a picture on that you should also get a picture on the plasma.

I doubt there is anything that can be done in the CF to help, all that stuff is buried well within the Humax proprietary code, or even hardware subsystems not directly accessible to the Humax code.
Maybe my PC Monitor only supports HDCP, I know my Plasma doesn't.

I just don't understand why my HDR doesn't let me set the HDMI resolution to 576p (none HD), shouldn't need HDCP for low res pictures, I think Humax has a bug in there firmware.

I used to use a HD Fury2 with the HDR, but it exploded and isn't very well now, never liked it, poor picture and it chopped off the top/bottom of the picture, waste of money.
It doesn't matter what the converter's component output is connected to, the HDMI is terminated at the converter so any handshaking can only be between the Humax and the converter The component output is one way, it doesn't do handshaking