No portal with custom firmware


Hi, I have installed v1.03.12 custom firmware on my hdr fox t2 and now have a problem with the portal. I press the "tv portal" button on my remote and the tv shows humax (red), custom (green) etc. I then press the red button on my remote and it brings up a menu with options 1 to 8. I then press 1 for "original humax portal" but nothing happens, in fact nothing happens for any of the numeric options. Any ideas/suggestions?
portal-xtra1 is not compatible with Humax firmware 1.03.xx (the version you quoted is the Humax firmware, not the custom firmware - which is probably 3.00). You must uninstall it, and if you wish to use a custom portal try new-portal.
Yes, it is version 3. I was under the impression that the custom firmware provided extra functionality rather than remove stuff like the portal. I didn't see this mentioned in the documentation? So what now - i have to uninstall custom firmware and then install new-portal but i can't have both? Please tell me that i am misunderstanding something?
(posted before I saw post 4)

You appear to have accidentally installed the portal-xtra1 package. In the WebIF, go to Package Management and check the Installed list. If portal-xtra1 is not installed, I don't know why you are getting what you are (the standard TV portal should not otherwise be affected). If it is installed, and you are sure you didn't install it, then the question is: did you get this HDR-FOX second-hand?

If you still have trouble, we will instruct you how to restore to factory condition and start again.