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no series link on ESPN

series link function seems to have vanished on espn rceently on hdr fox t2, anyone else??

ps shouldnt this thread be ESPN / topuptv, setanta faded away ages ago here in the uk?
still the same on espn, this is prob the one channel where i'd really like series link, cos its so far down the channel list and my memory is so poor that i miss out on loads of football that i'm paying a tenner a month for!!

anyone got any idea why this facility doesnt work here, is it the broadcasters that decide or is there a mystuff style override that i could use??
there still doesnt appear to be a series link facility on ESPN, does anyone else suffer from this, is it similar on other topuptv channels??
i have started a thread for a better search facility on the main t2 forum thus

i've probably missed a thread on this, but is there a better search facility that the one that exists as FIND on the t2?? i find the six searches very limiting

i only really use this for ESPN programmes as they still havent included series link in their broadcasts by the looks of things? i have to remember to search weekly for things like bundesliga, serie a, eredivisie and ligue 1 highlights.
does anyone know of a way round this, or does an alternative already exist?? you'll all know that only 6 searches are saved and the addition of a new one pushes the sixth one off, a la there were six in the bed and the little one said etc....except six still remain in the bed i guess??

thanks in advance for any advice here

Ezra Pound

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there still doesnt appear to be a series link facility on ESPN, does anyone else suffer from this, is it similar on other topuptv channels??
The Humax needs to find Series CRID Number before it can set a series recording maybe it's not finding one, It should be sent by the broadcaster


Black Hole

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I think you've picked up the tip about RS auto-searches which email you matches, and can also auto-schedule the matches for recording. However, I'm not sure whether the searches are actually based on AF's EPG and therefore unlikely to include ESPN.

If the broadcaster doesn't supply the EPG data for series linking, there's nothing we can do about it.
this might be a stupid question but does the last post mean it is possible to series link ESPN it if i download the custom firmware?

I'm yet to install it but planning on attempting this weekend.


Staff member
If the broadcaster still doesn't supply series link information then you won't be able to do true series link.
However, with the Remote Scheduling Portal you would be able to schedule all episodes of a particular programme as single recording events on an ongoing basis - effectively achieving the same thing.